Best Facial Steamer: Buying Guide

Looking for the best facial steamer to add to your skincare routine? There are so many facial steamers in the market that choosing the right one can be an issue. It is important to buy a facial steamer with all the security features to prevent risks such as burns or bacterial infections. Here is our guide to the best facial steamers for all budgets.

How To Choose The Best Facial Steamer For You

While facial steamers may sound like a simple appliance, there are many different models with different features. In order to get the most bang for your buck check out the following criteria to choose the best facial steamer for you.

Features And Type

Facial steamers come in different types, from removable cone shaped to flower shaped ones. Handheld steamers, portable facial steamers perfect for travelling, or even a professional grade facial steamer with nano-steam technology and dual temperatures. Which one is the best facial steamer for you depends on your budget and skin needs.

Don’t pay more for features you won’t use. For example, if you would never travel with your portable facial steamer than spend your budget on one that is heavier but has better performance or different steam settings. Or just spend the remaining budget on a few facial masks to address your skin concerns.


If you are new to facial steamers you probably don’t want to spend a lot of money to discover you don’t like them. So sometimes it is better to go with a more barebones model at a more affordable price range. However, if you have a greater budget or very specific skin needs you should look at professional-grade models at a higher price point.

Depending on your budget for a facial steamer you can expect more or less features. However, even affordable facial steamers should be able to last you for a decent time and produce a steady stream of steam.

More expensive facial cleaners are often lighter, easier to move around or store, or use batteries that last longer. If you don’t use distilled water you may notice that a more affordable steam cleaner clogs quicker, due to the tubes being more difficult to clean. To extend the life of your device, and get better results, you should always use distilled water for your facial steaming treatment.

Warranty and Returns

Manufacturers who are happy about the quality of their products offer much more generous warranties and returns than those who offer lower quality products.

Smaller products, such as facial steamers, usually have a warranty for the entire device but in some cases some parts can be covered by a longer or shorter warranty. Expect at least 6 months warranty for manufacturing defects.

A more affordable facial steamer will often have a shorter warranty period than a more expensive one. This is because they use cheaper elements on the construction of their products to lower the cost. We have taken that into account when deciding on the best facial steamer at different price ranges.

Our Top Facial Steamer Picks

These are our top picks of the best facial steamers for every need and budget.

Best Facial Steamer Under $40

Pure Daily Care NanoSteamer

With 30 minutes of steam time, this affordable facial steamer is perfect for all skin types, including oily and blackhead prone skins. It is America’s best selling facial steamer, and it also doubles as a humidifier. It includes a bonus 5 piece surgical grade stainless steel blackhead extractor kit, making it incredible value for money. It also includes a towel warming compartment, perfect to warm up your towel for the perfect spa experience.

Unlike simpler models, it offers a control knob to easily adjust the amount of steam and the strength of the steam flow. This is perfect if you have sensitive skin, or if you have never used a facial steamer before and want to get used to it slowly.

Nano Ionic Steam Technology

This model also offers a technology called nano-ionic steam. It just means that it creates steam with negatively charged ionic particules, which are 10 times better at promoting blood circulation, cell vitality and oxygen absorption. This is achieved by combining an ultra sonic vaporizer with the traditional heating element to make the steam droplets even smaller.

In terms of security features, this model turns itself off automatically when it runs out of water. If you purchase it from Amazon, you will get one month warranty from Amazon and one year warranty from the manufacturer.

Best For

While all skin types will benefit from using this facial steamer, in my opinion it is a godsend for people with oily, blemish prone skin. Particularly if you have a tendency to pick at the blemishes. The reason is that with the long running time and the complimentary extraction tools you can actually do a professional job of getting rid of those zits.

If you are into masking post-steam treatment then a trick is to warm the towel you will use to remove the mask. It makes it feels all the more luxurious and relaxing.

Nano Ionic Facial Steamer

This affordable facial steamer is easy to use and doubles as a desktop humidifier and as a facial steamer for sinuses and congestion. The relationship between price and quality is one of the best in the market, particularly for this price range.

As an entry level facial steamer, it is difficult to beat the Nano Ionic Facial Steamer. It holds enough water for a 12 minutes steaming session, and uses UV light to kill any bacteria that could be present in the steam. It also offers nano-ionic steam technology for even better results.

It shuts off automatically when there is too little water or when the unit overheats, and it’s light enough to act as a portable facial steamer.

Ease of Use

This facial steamer heats up really quickly, and all you need to do is pop the water tank, fill with distilled or purified water and connect it to the power mains. Press the button and presto, you can start your facial steaming treatment within seconds.

Best For

This facial steamer works best for people with dry to combination skin, as you may want longer steaming periods if you have oily skin. It has a flower shape steamer, which means you can place your face in front of the steamer at the right distance that feels comfortable for you.

Bestselling Face Steamers Under 40 At Amazon

Best Professional Facial Steam Cleaner

If you have a larger budget or want to make an investment on your skincare, nothing beats Panasonic professional facial steamers.

Panasonic EH-SA31VP Spa-Quality Facial Steamer

This professional grade spa-quality facial steamer gives you spa quality results at a fraction of the price. It is widely recognised as the best professional facial steamer for skincare, and the fact that is made by a leading brand such as Panasonic helps with that.

If you are wondering why would you spend over $150 on a steamer, you will change your mind once you try it. For me, the main reasons to purchase this model are:

  • I can get a full facial in 6 minutes instead of half an hour
  • It removes makeup. Yes, even waterproof mascara
  • Nano-steam technology for 10 times better results.
  • It heats up in 30 seconds.
  • Steam particles are 4000 times smaller than regular steam.

All of this means I can use it as part of my morning routine after a shower to enjoy moisturized and clean skin all day. Its sleek, minimalistic design makes it portable and it also looks pretty on the bathroom.

Panasonic is a leading brand in skincare, and they have gone to town with this model. They even have a hotline you can call in case you run into any trouble. If you take your at-home facial spas seriously, this is the one facial steamer to splurge on.

If you buy from Amazon it includes Amazon’s one month warranty, plus two years limited warranty from the manufacturer.

Best Portable Facial Steamer

OKACHI GLIYA Hot Mist Facial Steamer

We have chosen the Okachi Gliya hot mist facial steamer as the best portable facial steamer because of its size and the mirror included on the lid, perfect to make sure you apply the after-steaming products everywhere. The shape is also travel friendly, with an oval shape that won’t snag or break accidentally.

It also uses nano-steam technology to increase the amount of steam that reaches your skin and is useful for deep moisturising as well as cleansing. It can also be used to as a respiratory aid, to help break down mucus as a facial steamer for sinuses.

In terms of safety, this facial steamer has an auto-shutoff feature in case it runs out of water, and connects to the mains so no risk of leaky batteries.

Best for

This portable facial steamer has a running time of about 15 minutes thanks to its large 80ml water tank. This makes it very suitable for oily and combination skin that require longer treatment times to purify the pores.

If you buy from Amazon it includes Amazon’s one month warranty, plus one year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

Bestselling Portable Face Steamers At Amazon

Best Table Top Steamer

Spa Nano Facial Steamer Aromatherapy

For the ultimate at-home spa experience look no further than the Spa Nano Facial Steamer. It provides both hot and cold steam, for opening the pores and tightening them after treatment. The large water tank allows for extended treatments of 25 minutes for hot steam and 1.5 hours for cold steam mode.

Steam Aromatherapy

Unlike other facial steamers it has a dedicated aromatherapy basket where you can place herbs or a few essential drops. Most facial steamers will recommend against using essential oils as they can clog the elements, but this one actually encourages it. This makes it a great facial steamer for sinuses and to help with other respiratory problems such as colds.

We love this table top steamer because you can use it on both ends of your steam treatment skincare routine. First use the hot steam mode to open your pores and cleanse the skin. Then use a mask and relax with the aromatherapy scents, using it as a humidifier. And once you are done, use the cold mist mode to tighten your pores and enjoy refreshed silky soft skin.

Bestselling Table Top Steamers At Amazon

Best Handheld Facial Steamer

Did you know you can enjoy the benefits of steam therapy on the go? Handheld facial steamers are perfect to bring inside your bag and use after the gym or even for a brief treatment against office’s air-conditioned air.

Nano Facial Mister Cool Mist Sprayer

This pocket sized nano facial steamer will give your skin a burst of moisture and make you feel refreshed. The tank is absolutely tiny at 20ML, but it’s enough for a few 30-60 minutes treatments. It is USB powered, and has a rechargeable battery you can plug in at your computer.

Instead of a heating unit it uses ultrasonic technology to create a cool mist of really small water particles. Perfect to fight off the afternoon slumber beast and for summer. It can also be used for eyelash extensions.

Best Portable Face Steamers At Amazon

Buying Your Facial Steamer Online

You must carefully research facial steamers before buying one, because the wrong product can cause more harm than good. For example, a cheap facial steamer from an unknown brand can malfunction and jet boiling water on your face, which would lead to burns.

The best way to ensure your facial steamer is good quality is purchasing it from an established manufacturer. This doesn’t mean it needs to be expensive: There are plenty of cheap facial steamers in the market that are perfectly safe and do a great job.

Established manufacturers have an interest to maintain their good reputation. For this reason they produce high-quality products that won’t cause issues or negative reviews.

Buying a facial steamer online means you also have access to thousands of reviews that ensure the steamer is high quality and works as intended. You don’t want to spend your money and end up with nothing more than tepid water splashed on your face.

Always choose a manufacturer with a good returns policy, in case facial steaming is not compatible with your skin or you are unhappy about the product.


Facial steamers are a cost effective way to care for your skin, get the most out of your skincare routine and deeply cleanse your pores. They help prevent and heal breakouts and blackheads, and are easy to use.

Before you buy a facial steamer read reviews and make sure you know the manufacturer warranties. We have provided enough information about our top picks to help you make an informed choice, but we would love to hear about your own opinions.

Use the comments form below to tell us about the best facial steamer in your opinion.

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